Rack Type GPS NTP Server

Rack GPS NTP Server Back Panel

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Back Panel of Rack based GPS NTP Server

Back Panel of Rack GPS NTP Server


Connector Name Connector Description

FUSE 500mA/T type is needed.

Protects GPS receiver power source in Time Server.

In cases when PPS pulse does not blink in 1sec interval check this FUSE as first step.

APP Connector

Application connector DSUB15 Female for additional purposes.

Contact your local vendor for description.

GPS connector

DSUB9 Female to connect the external GPS receiver.

See the picture for wiring with external receiver

Ethernet connector

10BaseT RJ45 connector for ethernet connectivity

Note: when connecting with a HUB or a SWITCH no crossed cable is needed

when connecting with a single PC directly, use Crossed cable


LED colour LED description
Red Indicates Ethernet link activity, must be lightening on good connection.
Green LED blinking in 1sec interval, means receiving datagrams from LCD processor.