Rack Type GPS NTP Server

Rack GPS NTP Server External GPS Receiver

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External GPS Receiver for Rack based GPS NTP Server

External GPS Receiver for Rack GPS NTP Server

Device Description
GPS External device
  • Waterproof IP 65 external receiver with built in GPS active antenna.
  • Powered from Time Server.
  • 9..12V DC / 300 mA
  • Wall mounting
  • Connection to server with twisted pair TP cable
  • 1 pair for DATA
  • 1 pair for PPS signal
  • + 2wire DC power
  • max cable length: 200m
Cable schematics
Cable Schematics for External GPS Receiver
  • It is strongly recommended to use standard TP cable for ethernet networks. It is low cost and good solution.
  • Low impedance chip drivers are used on gps receiver board
  • Time server is mounted with 100 Ohm resistors on both lines: DATA, PPS, to minimize glitches and noise.
  • GPS DATA baudrate: 9600b/sec
  • Protocol: ZODIAC connexant