Rack Type GPS NTP Server

Rack GPS NTP Server Front Panel

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Front Panel of Rack based GPS NTP Server

Front Panel of Rack GPS NTP Server

Front Panel Items

Front Panel Picture - Rack GPS NTP Time Server

On the front panel, four buttons are mounted:

button caption button description
SET enter current / selected menu
UP, DN change menu items , or increase / decrease input values
ESC cancel current input value or move to the main display with UTC Time / Date information
LED Type LED Description

(PPS- Pulse Per Second) green LED is mounted and in 1sec interval flashing in accordance of reception the PPS signal from GPS receiver.

Otherwise GPS receiver is not connected. In this case server is in safe mode. The Message <PPS ERROR> is also displayed.

On the server safe mode, time / date is from built in Real Time Clock supported.


Blue LED is mounted and UTC Time/Date FIX status indicate.

Lightening continuously meaning that UTC time is fixed and highest precission is kept.


To change the current value of IP address, network mask, pressing the up/dn button choose appropriate value and by SET button it is possible to change current value.

Before value changes user will be asked to password. Set the password holding UP/DN button and confirm by SET.

Current password is delivered in documentation.

Only after the correct password user can change values.

Correct password is keeping in system in 5 minutes and next inputs in this time not required the password.

After the entering value LCD processor write data to internal EPROM and sends to Ethernet processor with message: Send to IP2K

MAC Adress

MAC address consists of 6 bytes, but only 4 last bytes are possible to change. First 2bytes are: 000, 003

LCD Messages

Message Type Message Description
PPS Error

Message reported with beep failures on PPS signal from GPS receiver.

In this case check the cable to GPS receiver, check the fuse 500mA, mounted on back panel.

Note: without the PPS signal server is in the malfunction state.


Message indicates the mismatch or missing the DATA from receiver.

Check cable and fuse described as PPS error.

Send Setup Fail

on power on reset state, LCD processor sends the current setup to Ethernet IP2K processor.

If the Ethernet processor did not confirm the values, this error message will occur.