Rack Type GPS NTP Server

Rack GPS NTP Server SNMP Traps

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SNMP Traps in Rack based GPS NTP Server

SNMP Traps in Rack GPS NTP Server

Implementation of SNMP Traps in Time Server

Time server produces SNMP trap messages on every change of internal status

status byte is represented as 8-bit value

Status Byte Description
Status Bit Description
7 Not used
  • 1 = PPS pulse from GPS receiver present
  • 0 = PPS pulse missing / this is fatal error , GPS receiver is not connected
  • 1 = GPS data message present
  • 0 = GPS Data missing , Fatal error, GPS receiver is not connected or Zodiac Data Message cable error
  • 1 = UTC FIX status OK
  • 0 = UTC FIX status error, in this state is NTP ramp closed and every NTP requirement from host will be rejected
3..0 Number of GPS satellites measurements

(Note: bit 7 is MSB, 0 is LSB)

Max period of SNMP trap is 1sec in according to every 1second GPS sends Data message about UTC FIX status and number of satellites measurements.

Looking to status byte the critical value is less then decimal value 112 = ( 0x70 hex notation )

Community default name is ‘public’, and can be modified by user from time server web page.

OID description

Time server sends trap type 6, and 4 OIDs binding in message.

OID (object identifier) Description
  • Server Location <string>
  • User can modify Server location string from web implementation
  • Default value: gpsloc
  • Server Name <string>
  • Default value: gps
  • Visible Satellites <integer>
  • Total Value of measured satellites
  • Status Byte <integer>
  • described above