Rack Type GPS NTP Server

Rack GPS NTP Server Web Server

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Web Server of Rack based GPS NTP Server

Web Server of Rack GPS NTP Server


A Web Server is built into the Time Server for status monitoring and network setup.

All Html file sources are located in dataflash with 4Mbit capacity.

User is able to replace source files by using TFTP protocol.


To open main page of Time Server, simply open your browser and type the server's url into the address bar

for example:

(Note, that is an example, of course it's needed to type the correct IP address of time server)

Your Browser will request the time server's main page and will respond with the page: Rack Server - Web Main Page


UTC server Time
Current UTC time. To obtain new values press reload browser button.
UTC FIX Status
This information is loaded from the GPS receiver. In the NOT FIX state time Server closes the NTP protocol.
Visible satellites
Indicates the total number of satellites from which measurements and computations are made.
GPS Receiver

Describes the status of GPS receiver

available messages are:

message type message description
O.K. everything is fine and working
PPS Error Signal of PPS pulse missing, in this state check the cable from reciever
DATA Error Serial data from receiver missing, check the cable also
Fatal Error GPS receiver is not connected, or malfunction occured, check the FUSE on back panel
NTP Ramp
  • Indicates the NTP protocol status. If the NTP ramp is open Time Server allow to connect any host with NTP stamp request.
  • Otherwise request will be rejcted due to security.
  • NTP request will be rejected on the NOT FIX state, or if the glitches will be detected on PPS wire.
Server Name
indicate the user replaceable Time Server Name. Name is used for SNMP traps.
Server Location
Describes the Time Server Location also for SNMP traps implementation

System Status

Rack GPS NTP - System Status


Up Time from last boot
Indicates the time in seconds from last boot.
PPS Length
  • Describes the length of the PPS pulse from GPS receiver.
  • Value is rated in internal counter with period 13usec.
  • PPS length must be approx 76800 ticks.
  • Strongly in constant length in every second.
  • Otherwise time server close the NTP protocol to 100 secs.
  • It means that some glitches detected were detected on cable from GPS receiver
Number of PPS glitches
  • Indicate the total number of glitches on cable from GPS receiver from server last boot.
  • If the Time server detects a glitch, it closes the NTP protocol due to reliability of NTP time stamp to 100 seconds.
  • Indicates the total number of GPS UTC time FIX lost from last boot.
  • If the GPS receiver has not fixed UTC, server closes the NTP protocol.
Num of NTP packet Received
Total number of NTP packet received from any host.
Num of NTP packet Rejected
  • Total number of NTP packet rejected.
  • Packet can be rejected if the UTC FIX has failure or server detected glitches on PPS signal.