1-Wire Analog Node
for SNMP adapter

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  • Analog voltage input - suited for SNMP adapters.
  • Connectivity across 1-Wire bus as temperature low cost sensors DS1820/1822.
  • Implemented protocol as DS1820/22 DALLAS / MAXIM temperature econo sensors.
  • Low cost solution to monitor all physical values from sensors with voltage/current outputs, as water level sensors, pressure ...
  • Can be used as contact input for doors, relay outputs.
  • Voltage input: 0 .. 15V.
  • Powered from 1-Wire Bus.
  • Maximum linearity error: 0.2% in 15V Range.
  • Powered by MICROCHIP processor 12F675
  •  mounted in plastic wall mounting case




1-Wire ADC node schematic:



1-Wire Topology connection: